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Apprenticeships and gender sterotypes

In a recent study carried out across the UK, only 10% of girls said they would apply for an apprenticeship compared to 22% of boys. Research carried out by British Gas has found that cultural norms...

My experience as an apprentice

My experience as an apprentice

We wanted to know first hand what it is like to do an apprenticeship.  Nalina was kind enough to share her journey with us. Name : Nalina Zuberi Age:20 Apprenticeship: Level 3 Early Years Educator ...

Top 5 Apprenticeships


According to the top 5 apprenticeships within England of 2018 are: Anchor Anchor is England’s largest not-for-profit provider of housing and care for older peo...

What is an apprentice

What is an Apprenticeship?

The term apprenticeship is often broadly use as a potential means of a career path.  But what is it and how can an apprenticeship scheme benefit you? According to

getting people fit for work - marketing materials


Welcome to Opportunity Access Careers, It is our intent that this platform complements our employment and skills training services. We want to get you fit for work, by providing you with a range of re...


Do you have any regrets?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Regret means ‘feeling sad, repentant, or disappointed over something that one has done or failed to do’. The term regret is often use as a fly away comment, ‘I r...