China Town Tasty New Start Up – Bubble Wrap London

Have you tried jaw-dropping Bubblewrap London dessert?

Bubblewrap London sweet egg waffles are wrapped into a cone shape and filled with toppings galore of your choice. You can choose from homemade chocolate, fresh gelato, hazelnuts, vanilla, strawberry cheesecake, Nutella and salted caramel and can top it off with fruits and sauces, everything is freshly made just for you.  Don’t worry if you prefer non-diary versions this desert shop also provides diary-free versions of its puffy waffle vessel!

Inspired by Hong Kong, street traders who came up with the concept back in the 1950’s of saving broken eggs that couldn’t be sold and then blending with milk and flour turning them into a tasty waffle.  Bubblewrap London has put a modern day twist to this traditional Hong Kong desert.

Founded by Tong Fang and Sunny Wu. The business began as a university project by the two founders, starting out with pop-ups on weekend markets across London food markets. After years of rejections, the founders were finally given a chance to showcase their talent and launched Bubblewrap London in 2017. When asked about their inspiration to start the business Sunny Wu said;

“I think everyone has a childhood snack that rings a bell in your mind when you see it or smell it. What we wanted to do is re-brand bubble waffles and rebuild them so that people around the world know about them and can enjoy them themselves.”

With over 29,000 followers on Instagram and 800 followers on Twitter, the company has used social media as a platform to displayed images of their beautiful desserts as well as to inform and communicate with customers about new products and more.

Fang was asked about his experience and how he decided to launch Bubblewrap London and he said:

During my study in Imperial College London, we were taught that IP protection is one of the most valuable assets to a company. We knew that we needed to protect any assets we create or own to prevent other people from taking advantage of our creation.”

Now with a permanent home in London’s Chinatown, it blends in perfectly with colourful art, street lights and its neighbours, fast becoming one of the hottest deserts in town. Bubblewrap London doesn’t just sell desserts but they also sell Hong King’s well-known beverages such as; milk tea, iced tea, fruit juice like Lemongrass, lime and elderflower. For Chinese New Year Bubblewrap London are having a special offer! Matcha base, Red bean gelato, Mochi, Strawberry with Condensed Milk! This will be available till the end of January!

Perfect place for everyone to eat! Including; vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian.

Check it out – Bubble Wrap London, Wardour Street W1

Words by Mary Fashoyin