5 Benefits That Dry January Can Have on Your Career

Happy dry January! Struggling with the month of alcohol abstinence? Let Access Careers list some benefits of being alcohol free that may make the daily grind less of a struggle.

1. Your concentration levels may improve

No hangover = clearer mind. Let’s face it. Sometimes the only cure for a hangover is to stay in bed, which does not make it an ideal physical state to work in. The lethargy and headaches that follow hangovers can put you off track for days, and without these distractions, it is likely you’ll find yourself becoming more focussed, which may enhance your performance at work.

2. You’ll get a better night’s sleep

Dry January won’t make you miss those nights where you woke up to the room spinning. Abstaining from alcohol will increase your chances of getting a full night’s sleep without any interruptions, something that will suitably prepare you for the working day.

3. Your immune system may strengthen

Do you find yourself having to take too much sick leave because you’re always succumbing to that illness that is doing its rounds? Drinking alcohol can suppress the protective purpose of your immune system, meaning that if you were to abstain, you are less likely to catch those nasty bugs that make their way around the workplace.

4. You’ll have some spare cash in the bank

Do you drink enough to regret your financial expenditure the next morning? Does alcohol make you a little too generous with your money and are the rounds always on you? Staying sober may leave you with some spare cash, perfect for January when many of us are often strapped for cash after our Christmas spends!

5. Your relationship with alcohol will change

It’s possible that you may reflect on your relationship with alcohol and may start to feel that you don’t need a drink to have fun. You may find new, fulfilling things to do at the weekend that don’t dent your pocket or leave you with ill effects, and this could overall benefit your career from mental and physical standpoints.