5 of The Best Organisational Materials For 2020

The temptation to buy a shiny new planner for the new year is something that one too many of us feel on an annual basis. Let Opportunity Access Careers suggest some of the best organisational materials to you that will not be collecting dust anytime soon this 2020.

  1. Anydo.com

Price: Free, for added features £4.75 per month

Where to buy: The App Store for Apple and Android

If you prefer the accessibility of an app organiser, then Anydo may be for you. Offering a calendar and a set of categorised lists that you can edit and add to, Anydo transforms the concept of planning into a visually digestible format to make it as simple as possible.Image result for anydo

  1. The Happiness Planner

Price: £46.00

Where to buy:https://thehappinessplanner.com/products/the-happiness-planner-2020

Encased in colourful hues comprising of pinks, purples, blues and rose gold, The Happiness Planner will undoubtedly motivate you to start filling it in and get yourself organised. From encouraging you to set your own goals, to promoting a healthy lifestyle, this planner covers all things life, encouraging positivity along the way with a series of inspiring quotes. Committing to organisation with such precision, The Happiness Planner will help you get everything in order without missing a single thing.

Image result for happiness planner 2020


  1. Google calendar

Price: Free

Where to buy: The App Store, available for Apple and Android

If simplicity is more your preference, Google Calendar may be more your thing. With organisation at the tap of a finger, Google Calendar offers a method of planning that is easily accessible and can be fitted around your daily life. Combining the features of a traditional calendar with modern technology, this app introduces goals to encourage further productivity and reminders in the form of notifications, particularly useful if you’re the forgetful type.


Image result for google calendar


  1. Busy B

Price: £14.99

Where to buy: https://busyb.co.uk/products/diaries/goals-diary-2020-9677.html

If you want a cheaper planner, Busy B may be more suitable for you. Offering a monthly calendar and daily planner, Busy b goes a step further with a goal setting section to motivate you this year. Fitted with mini pockets, this Busy b planner is particularly useful if you have a tendency to lose those all-important notes and reminders!

Image result for busy b planner 2020

  1. Todoist

Price: Free, premium £3.99 per month

Where to buy: The App Store, available for Apple and Android

If you prefer to get organised by making lists, then try Todoist! Todoist is a task manager that lets you rank certain tasks by priority, and lets you assign certain tasks to others, perfect for a working environment. The app reviews your daily productivity to let you track your ability to meet tasks, and with premium, this overview can be upgraded to weekly and monthly. Perfect for anybody who really wants to get their teeth into the productivity of the new year.

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