How to Set Career Goals – 5 Tips to Success

Looking to change careers this year? Here’s some advice on how to set career goals to achieve success.

1.     Time to review last year!

Reflection is key in understanding the direction of your goals. Think about the working year that has just passed, what do you want to do differently this year? Once you have established any challenges, difficulties or drawbacks that occurred last year, it is important to piece all of these together into goals that could result in a change for the better.  For some, one main goal may be enough, for others, it may be productive to work towards a number of small goals. Consider what is best for you.

2.     Conduct a self-analysis

What are you good at, your interest, skills, personality traits and career values? This will help you establish which career will be potentially best suited for you.

3.      Take a skills assessment

This will enable you to understand your skills, interests and motivations. We recommend the National Careers Service Skills Health Check to help you with this.

4.     Discover what career will potential suit you

There is various psychometric tests to enable you to do this. You’ll get a summary of job groups that might interest you based on your answers, for example careers working within a creative field, working with animals or within IT.

We recommended using the National Careers Service Discover your Skills and Careers test.  It will help you find out what particular job roles, might suit you and also provide you with more detailed information about each role.

5.     Set Smart goals

Now you have an idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are and potentially what career path might suit you.  Setting smart goals will help you to achieve your goals.

SPECIFIC: Precise and detailed – I will get a job within the IT sector as a Project Manager, paying £30,000 a year within the City area of London.

MEASURABLE: How you going to measure it or know when you have hit your target? – I will apply for 5 jobs per day.

ACHIEVABLE: How are you going to do it? – I will sign up to relevant job posting sites and recruitment agencies.

REALISTIC: What is realistic to helping you achieve this – I will set aside an hour a day to do my job search

TIMELY: Give yourself a deadline and a timeframe – I will aim to get a new job within 3 months- mark the date.