5 Steps To Assist Your Jobsearching

The concept of job searching can be a really daunting one. Whether you are out of work and seeking employment or currently in a job but looking for an alternative, sometimes it difficult to know where to start. There are so many options out there but the aim is to narrow it down to work towards securing the job that is right for you.

We have come up with 5 steps to assist you to do this:


Start by thinking about your ideal job – what would you REALLY like to do? To help you identify this, write down a list of things that you like and really dislike doing, these can range from hobbies such as “I love playing outdoor sports”, to “I am a chatterbox and I love talking to people” or “I really dislike sitting at a computer all day”.  It’s important to be aware of what these are as it will be a major factor in helping you determine what roles will be suitable for you.

Then make a list of your strengths – what do you believe you’re good at? To get some assistance with this, ask about five people that you hold a variety of different relationships with what they believe your strengths and weaknesses are. Different people will hold different perceptions of you e.g. your work colleagues might see a different side to you than your family and friends and think that you are an effective problem solver but not such a good communicator, whilst your family and friends might see you as resilient but procrastinating too much, therefore it’s always good to get varied opinions. (Disclaimer: Do not take things personally if they say something that you don’t like or don’t necessary agree with, take it on board as constructive critism).

Finally make a list of the type of organisations, sectors that appeals to you

5 Steps To Assist Your Jobsearching


Have a look on job posting sites such as Indeed, Reed, Total Jobs, CV Library Guardian Online or on some of the organisations that you have identified that you would like to work for websites and see what type of jobs are currently being advertise that you find appealing.


Having a look at job adverts will give you an idea of the type of skills and experiences employers are looking for for the job that you want.  Think about the skills and experiences you have, how they can be transferable and how they can benefit and contribute to making companies more efficient and effective. Ensure that your CV, cover letters and application highlight these skills.


Create an overall job searching objective. A good objective will allow you to focus on what type of job you want to secure and achieve throughout your job search.

e.g. I would like to get a job paying £35,000 per year, with a maximum commute of an hour each way, working for an organisation that offers good scope for progression and a chance to gain relevant industry qualifications.

5 Steps To Assist Your Jobsearching


Make it happen! Set yourself SMART job searching goals to help you through this process.

Click here to download your SMART printable careers goal template.

SPECIFIC: Precise and detailed – I will get a job within the financial services as an Recruitment Consultant paying £30,000 a year within the West end area of London.

MEASURABLE: How you going to measure it or know when you have hit your target? – I will apply for 5 jobs per day.

ACHIEVABLE: How are you going to do it? – I will sign up to relevant job posting sites and recruitment agencies.

REALISTIC: What is realistic to helping you achieve this – I will set aside an hour a day to do my job search

TIMELY: Give yourself a deadline and a timeframe – I will aim to get a new job within 3 months mark the date.

Do you have any other tips to assist with job searching? Please comment below.

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